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Hiring & Retaining Talents

Hiring & Retaining Tech Talents Have Changed Since The Pandemic

Work from Anywhere has opened up opportunities for tech talents. This has led to a high attrition rate at tech companies across the globe. Fast-changing technologies for better user experience are forcing businesses to quickly adapt to stay ahead of the competition. This has led to high demand for tech talents.


Why Remote Hiring Works Today?

Local talents are not enough to fill the demand related to new technologies. To hire and retain talents you need an HR team with good HR policies to take care of their personal growth, give the flexibility to work from anywhere, and good compensation.

Talents want to learn new things and implement them in their work. A company with a strong training infrastructure will always have the upper hand in retaining talents.

The cost of managing talents has increased which is directly hitting the profit margin. A company today is more busy managing talents than acquiring clients.

To have your in-house tech team, you need to spend and manage infrastructure costs like - software licenses, mobile devices, and servers.

On-Demand Remote Hiring of Software Developers can solve your problem, saving 50% of your cost and increasing profit by 50%


Remote Hiring

What Is On-Demand Remote Hiring?

On-Demand Remote Hiring is a hiring model under which you hire a full-time Software Developer who works from our development center. The Software Developer is our in-house full-time employee on our payroll. You will only pay for 160 hours of work on a monthly basis. The Software Developer will dedicatedly work for you as a virtual employee. The Developer will be available for you till your demand lasts.

  • With On-Demand Remote Hiring you need not have to worry about managing talents, attrition rate, increased cost of hiring, HR Policies, and infrastructure costs.
  • You will only focus on growing your business instead of putting your valuable time into managing talents.
  • On-Demand Remote Hiring is a White Label Service. We sign an NDA with you to maintain your privacy. We work with many well-renowned companies around the world.
  • With On-Demand Hiring, you can scale up and scale down your remote team in a week. This will help you take up more work without worrying about the long hiring cycle and commitment of keeping in-house employees.
  • On-Demand Hiring will help you extend your in-house team by adding new skills which are short-lived that you do not need for the entire duration of the project.

On-Demand Skills

Our On-Demand Talents for Hire Include


PHP Developer


WordPress Developer


Magento Developer


Java Developer


React Developer


Angular Developer


iOS Developer


Android Developer


Flutter Developer


Node Developer


Drupal Developer


Dot Net Developer


Salesforce Developer


Shopify Developer


Full Stack Developer


Front-End Developer


Back-End Developer


Laravel Developer


Javascript Developer


MERN Developer


MEAN Developer


Quality Analyst

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On-Demand Skills

How do we select skilled talents for my On-Demand Hiring requirements?

We have a stringent process to select top talents for On-Demand Remote Hiring. In the first round, we select the right fit for the technical round. They should fulfill these criteria



They should be engineers with bachelor's degrees in Computer Science or IT



Minimum 3 years of experience in the relevant skill set



Good in written and oral English

After clearing the technical round, they are sent for the final round to test their attitude. We only hire problem solvers!

How much does it cost to hire a developer?

Our minimum hiring is for a month. The Software Developer will work 160 hours a month, 40 hours a week.

The cost for a month depends on the skills and experience of the software developer.

  • The minimum cost for a month is $1800
  • The maximum cost for a month is $4000
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Unable to find the right talent? Contact us!


How to get started?

  1. It is simple and quick!
  2. We send you CVs against your chosen skill.
  3. You can take interviews
  4. Select one of them or ask for more CVs

Once selected, the Software Developer can start working for you from the next day.

We also Offer


Before committing for a month you can see the work of the Software Developer for 1 week only. If not happy, you can replace with another developer or ask for a refund (no questions asked).

The only T & C is that the minimum hiring period is for one month.


How are you different from others?

HireOutsourcingTeam.com is a service from Brainium Information Technologies. Brainium is a multi-award-winning company serving clients across the globe since 2009. To know more about us please visit the website Brainiuminfotech.com


Benefits as per the laws of land

HireOutsourcingTeam.com is not a freelancer's platform like Upwork. All of our Software Developers are full-time employees of Brainium. They enjoy full HR benefits as per the laws of the land.



We are your reliable outsourcing partner. Our co-founders and company directors have deep knowledge and experience in this industry. We have a mature process and risk mitigation system which make sure that we never let you down.



We have a transparent system where you can monitor what your hired developers are working on a day-to-day basis.


Value for our clients

We create value for our clients when you hire developers from us. We provide Project Management and Quality Team at no extra cost to make sure that work delivered by the software developer is error-free so that you save time and money. The Project Manager will be in touch with you regularly to ensure your end goal is on track.


Remote team in a short time

You can scale up your remote team in a quick time. We maintain a resource pool where 10% of our team is on the bench. As soon as your demands come we pull developers from there and place them on your team.

We are a top-rated software development company at Google My Business, Clutch, and Goodfirms


1. Do you provide a replacement if I am not happy with the performance of the developer?

Yes, we provide you replacement options when you want to change the developer on the basis of performance.

The remote developer works in a team under a Project Manager. This team consists of other developers and QAs. The deliverables are tested by QAs to make it error free. We do not charge you for QA and Project Management. We provide it as a value added service to our clients.

Our developers work from a development centre in India. The developer will work in an overlapping time zone, so that you can have enough time to collaborate with your developer.

We have a robust system to track time spent by the developer. You will get to know the time spent on each task. You will get a custom report to understand how he or she has spent the working hours.

If the developer is sick for a long time, we will replace him with another developer with the same capabilities. You can also ask for billing adjustments for non-working days.

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